Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A busy retirement: Loretta Marron, CEO FoSiM

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A shy, retiring stay-at-home person the new CEO of "Friends of Science in Medicine" (FoSiM) is not, twice being declared "Australia Skeptic of the Year", appearing on TV and being written up in the media.
She become well known by Australian media, a 2009 piece, "Loretta Marron, Health Hero, On Australia’s A Current Affair", describes her as "a science graduate with a business background".

All this leaves me with questions about Loretta Marron and her motivations.
  • Just what is Marron's background and expertise?
    She has no on-line CV, Publication list or Bio and makes a number of different claims about her expertise and working life.
  • Just who is funding "Friends of Science in Medicine"?
  • If FoSiM is a modern Association wanting to be taken seriously, where is its on-line presence?
  • Is FoSiM just one person, working from home without pay?
    Is this whole thing just Marron engaging in a media beat-up and outrageous self-promotion?
  • Marron demonstrated in her Crikey! piece that she has considerable networking and self-promotion skills and a fine ability to influence and persuade academics, researchers and medical experts to support her position and campaigns.
    Is FoSiM just the latest and largest version of this?
  • Is Marron and FoSiM a 2012 rerun of Sheryle Moon and "Alliance of Australian Retailers" in 2010?
    Articles: SMH, ABC radio, Lateline.
    AAR Website and Disclosure statement:
    • We are supported by:
      • British American Tobacco Australia Limited (ACN 000 151 100);
      • Philip Morris Limited (ACN 004 694 428); and
      •  Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited (ACN 088 148 681).
      •  Authorised by R. Stanton for the Alliance of Australian Retailers Pty Ltd (ACN 145 378 589) of 14 Ross Street, North Parramatta, NSW, 2151.
All my concerns and questions can be summed up simply:
Show me the same Evidence about yourself and "Friends of Science in Medicine" that you are demanding of others.

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