Thursday, April 5, 2012

A balanced post on the EBM vs Alt.Med Debate.

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I thought this article balanced and informative. I liked the stated intent "moving beyond virulence" in the title. Of course, Doctors and Friends against Alt.Med did their usual scorn and bile attack in the comments.

"Evidence-based medicine v alternative therapies: moving beyond virulence", 23-March-2012.

Main arguments:
  • The absent patient
  • Lack of critical reflection (on philosophies of health and the politics of medicine)
  • Evidence-based medicine (the critical analysis of EBM)
There is a long comment by 'Anne Cooper', Osteopath, that I thought was good. [click on "show full comment" to see it all]
Her ending is very strong:
So instead of the FoS attempting to take a high moral ground, and at the same time appropriating the term ‘medicine’ (not to mention the title ‘Dr’), perhaps it could instead lobby for funded, high quality research that will enlighten us all as to why these unsubsidised therapies are able to attract and treat so many hundreds of thousands of Australians every day. Now that would be useful. Failing that, their campaign looks to be little more than a turf war.

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