Sunday, June 3, 2012

Only for the brave? Doom and Gloom analysis of "USA Inc" + solutions.

This report, co-authored in early 2011 by Mary Meeker of KPCB (Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfied, Byers) the legendary Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm, is deeply challenging.
Long PDF and Short PDF available as well.

It's not your average "Doom & Gloom" report or "The Sky if Falling, all is lost, get to the Bunkers" shrill fear-mongering.

This is solid analysis backed by good research and unrelenting numbers.

These folks know their way around a balance sheet, their record speaks for itself. If you can't refute it, you have to believe and act on it.

The headlines for me are dual:
  • If nothing changes, within 15 years the USA won't be able to pay its bills [like Greece and Spain], and
  • these folks are very positive. They layout the strengths of the US Economy and its people and a game-plan for getting back into the black.
So, look at the video [43mins] and pull down one or more of the PDF's if you like, I'm not only suggesting that this is not something that everyone should read, but that people should carefully consider beforehand if they even want to read this. It's not said, but the GFC was just the beginning...

Be prepared to read some deeply disturbing and challenging data/analysis, I found it quite sobering.
The authors pointedly don't dwell on the negative outcomes or consequences inside the USA and for the rest of the world. There will be many commentators only too glad to bang that drum and instil "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" into a wider audience.

BUT, the whole reason Mary and her team spent a small fortune constructing this report, is they, the acknowledged experts in analysing the operations of any business, not only think there is hope, but think solutions are possible and achievable. This comes from a fundamentally positive 'frame'.

That they did the research, produced the analysis and published it, is a massive vote of confidence by some of the world's best financial minds in the resilience and capability of "USA Inc" and that solutions are within the grasp of Americans. The solutions may not be easy or palatable, but they are achievable.

This report is about Hope and Inspiration, don't lose sight of that when you read it.

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