Monday, July 9, 2012

Your money and your life: What the AMA and Friends of Science in Medicine won't tell you.

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This piece in Business Spectator has a bunch of 'interesting' facts that both Friends of Science in Medicine and the Medical Industry body, the AMA, ignore.

Why is this??

I'd have thought it was in the Medical Profession's interest to run their operations as efficiently as possible in order to maximise their result and the benefit to individuals and to the community. That is, if that's what their Prime Mission is.

As Don Berwick formulated in 1996 with his Central Law of Improvement:
Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it achieves.
So, if Medical Healthcare and Hospitals aren't run efficiently and 'accidentally' kill far too many people, Why is this so?

Just what is the current system designed to achieve, if its not Patient Safety, Quality of Care or Efficient, Effective use of Public Monies?

A superficial, simplistic analysis can't tell us...
But we do know that incumbents must benefit from the system: How?

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