Thursday, March 8, 2012

Australian Medicine as a Failed Profession. #1

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Australian Doctors practice medicine as if it was a cottage-industry craft supported by a 'Guild', not as a modern, accountable Profession practised for the Public Good.

Guilds limit new entrants, protect and control 'the secret craft knowledge' and vigorously defend their turf. A monopoly on the practice designed for restraint-of-trade, not the benefit of clients nor the community.
  • We are entering the second decade of the doctor and specialist shortage here.
    • How can there be a shortage? It's not because its not needed nor not possible here.
    • Why aren't doctors picketing every Parliament in the land on behalf of their patients and the wider community? Letting known dangerous conditions for patients and doctors continue is neither Ethical nor Professional behaviour.
  • Five plus years on from "Dr. Death" in Bundaberg, is anything different? Is there any excuse for that?

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