Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Censorship in 300 words or less. What's up at Fairfax?

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An article in the Fairfax media entitled "Homeopathy | Alternative Medicine | Ian Gawler" drew my attention. I went to the effort of registering and making a comment. It didn't appear, having been "moderated", presumably breaking the Fairfax Rules for Commenting on articles and blogs :-
... any comments that can be reasonably considered offensive, threatening or obscene will not be allowed.
  • Do not post material that may incite violence or hatred.
  • Gratuitous abuse - be it of the author, subjects of the story or other commentators - will not be accepted.
  • Please keep your comments relevant to the discussion at hand.
  • Do not use the comments section for commercial purposes or spam.
Herewith my comment and the original article... [See full post]

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